7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Diet Healthy


Having nutritious food is necessary to have a long life. The healthier you eat, the more your longevity. To keep you and your family healthy, it is important to have a healthy and nutritious diet. According to Eat This Not That, dietician Kiran Campbell says that if we are trying to keep our family healthy and immune, it is important to have a healthy diet but knowing some things are very important to do so properly.

Simple ways to make food nutritious

Vitamins C with plant-based iron

Including plant-based iron in your diet can help you improve your Vitamin c absorption and keep you healthy.

Pasta with salad

Eating green leafy vegetables by adding them to pasta can make them both tasty and healthy. Adding cold potatoes instead of pasta is also a good way to make your food healthy. The starch present in potatoes and pasta acts like a fibre that improves digestion.

Boiled egg with carrot

Having boiled eggs with raw carrots improves carotene absorption. Carotene is a nutrient present in carrots.

Use Garlic

Cut a garlic clove and leave it for 10 minutes for enzymes present in garlic to become active. After this, use it to cook so that your food becomes healthier than it already is.


Finely chop almonds and keep them in an airtight container, use them whenever you want with other foods or just have them raw. Almonds are good for your memory and improve bone health.

Cut fruits and vegetables before use:

Do not leave pre-cut fruits and vegetables. It is better to chop them right before use. This will help preserve their nutrients and keep the vegetables and fruits fresh.

Use a steamer:

If you steam broccoli, mushroom, corn and other vegetables and then consume them, the nutrients present in them do not get destroyed while cooking. Using a steamer is considered to be one of the healthiest practices.