Man tragically dies onboard easyJet plane mid-flight on way to London from Cyprus


A man has died onboard an easyJet flight that was travelling into London.

The plane was headed for Gatwick Airport from Cyprus this afternoon when a man became ill mid-flight.

Urgent attempts to resuscitate the passenger using a defibrillator sadly proved unsuccessful.

Other passengers first grew concerned when a dark-haired traveller, aged around 50, wasn’t waking up.

The man appeared to be travelling alone.

An anonymous source praised the way in which easyJet crew handled the distressing incident.

A young air steward led the emergency response, while a fellow passenger said: “She’s done absolutely amazingly, must be so tricky.

“The team handled the situation with extraordinary composure and professionalism.”

Flight EZY8454 was largely full with holidaymakers, carrying them home from some winter sun in 24C Paphos.

It set off from Cyprus at 2.20pm local time (12.20pm GMT) and fear for the man’s welfare was sparked at around 3.40pm GMT.

EasyJet cabin crew calmly asked across the plane whether anyone on the flight was a certified doctor or paramedic.

Two people hesitantly raised their hands to offer their help but unfortunately neither were able to offer more help than the crew’s first aid capabilities.

When a man who claimed to be a nurse asked if he was still breathing, a visibly trembling air steward understandably told him: “We can’t say anything sir.”

After a man crammed in by the window seat beside the passenger was helped out to find a new seat, a defibrillator was brought to the 18th row.

As colleagues worked together to apply the machine in a last ditch effort to restart his heart, a robotic voice from the device could be heard intermittently saying “breathe, breathe”.

A cabin crew member told the two rows of passengers behind the man: “There are aisle seats at the back if you’d like to move.”

A couple directly behind him quickly obliged to help.

Once his condition was confirmed, crew proficiently set about searching for the passenger’s luggage.

At 4.28pm GMT, as the plane passed over Paris, France, the flight’s captain confirmed there had been a “medical incident” and asked for everyone to treat the dead man with dignity.

The captain added out of formality: “I hope you’ve enjoyed the flight with us today.”

Passengers were held on landing at Gatwick for paramedics to board and pronounce the passenger’s death.

An easyJet spokesperson told the Mirror: “easyJet can confirm that sadly a passenger died onboard flight EZY8454 from Paphos to London Gatwick on 17 November.

“The well-being of our passengers and crew is always easyJet’s highest priority. Our crew are trained to respond to medical issues and did all possible during the flight.

“Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the customer and we are offering support and assistance at this difficult time.”