FAQ: How Is A Mandatory Field Indicated Within Opera?

How are search field identified in opera?

The Search section of the screen allows for profiles to be searched upon based on the Last, First, Phone, and/or Membership Number that is attached to the guest profile. Simply enter information in these fields and select the Search button to populate all of the matching guest profiles in the Profiles section.

How many profile types are contained within opera?

Opera uses six types of profiles. The screens for each profile type look similar but are different in the fields they contain. All Profiles store names, addresses, and demographic data: • Individual • Company • Source • Contact • Group • Travel Agent In this module we will focus on individual profiles.

What opera functionality can be used to pass along internal information between shifts?

The Log Book function is available when the GENERAL > LOG BOOK application function is set to Y. For example, the log book can be used to record “FYI” details and advisories for pass-along between shifts.

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How do you access Opera online help?

You can open the OPERA function keys lookup table by pressing the Ctrl+F1 keys. The template displays a complete list of additional functions and navigation keys available within OPERA.

What does no post mean in opera?

Some of these features may also be controlled from other points within OPERA. For example, the No Post check box may also appear on the Reservation screen More Fields tab. The following options may be set using this screen. No Post. Select this check box to prevent automatic interface posting to this folio.

What symbol indicates that there is a negotiated rate attached to that profile?

If the profile has negotiated rates, a dollar sign appears in the $ column on the Profile Search screen entry for that profile. Two dollar signs means that the profile has two or more negotiated rates.

Does Opera support multiple profiles?

Opera has support for multiple profiles. You can have multiple Opera instances running at the same time, each with their own profile. Unfortunately, this must be achieved by editing Opera’s. ini files by hand and launching opera with a /settings command-line switch.

Which housekeeping discrepancy applies when the housekeeping status is occupied but the front desk status is vacant?

Possible room discrepancies. Sleep is displayed in the Discrepancy column if the Housekeeping status is occupied and the Front Office status indicates that the room should be vacant.

When two profiles are merged together stored profile information will not be lost?

When two profiles are merged together, stored profile information will not be lost. It is possible to set up automatic routing instructions on a company profile. After the audit completes, a pre-defined group of reports print or file for future reference.

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How do I make reservations in opera?

Select Reservations > New Reservation from the main menu. The Property Calendar screen appears. From the Property Calendar select the start date for the stay, hold down the Alt key and select the departure date for the stay. Select OK.

What is Opera system in front office?

The Opera Hotel Program is a property management system (PMS) solution fit for all sizes and types of hotels. It automatizes basic front office services such as reservation, check-in and check-out therefore saving time, as well as reduces human error.

How do you make a PM account on opera?

To create a posting master reservation for a room block, select Reservations > Blocks > Business Block > Edit > Resv > Group Options > New Post Master. OPERA displays the message You are about to create an additional PM reservation.

What is the shortcut key for reservation?

SHIFT + F9 – Opens the Reservation list.

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