Often asked: What Happening On General Hospital Soap Opera?

Is General Hospital soap opera Cancelled?

From 1979 to 1988, General Hospital had more viewers than any other daytime soap opera. On April 14, 2011, ABC announced the cancellation of both All My Children and One Life to Live, leaving General Hospital as the last remaining soap opera airing on the network after January 13, 2012.

Is Hayden coming back to GH 2021?

This week, General Hospital reveals the return of Hayden Barnes. The show will also reveal the true identity of Ava’s stalker. Expect a lot of twists and turns in the upcoming episodes.

Who is Carly from General Hospital dating?

Nothing like a engagement between two besties to raise a lot of questions! That’s the state of the union-to-be on ABC’s General Hospital now that newly minted mob boss Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) and fellow boss Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) have started telling friends and family they’re engaged.

Is Sasha on General Hospital pregnant in real life?

With Peter dead and Cyrus arrested, the terror level in Port Charles has died down a bit, and General Hospital’s Sasha Gilmore may be growing closer to her baby’s daddy, Brando Corbin. The actress portraying her, Sofia Mattsson, took a cue and announced that she is indeed pregnant in real life.

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Who is the new girl on General Hospital?

Meet actress Avery Kristen Pohl who joins the cast of the daytime drama series in the role of Esme Prince, Spencer Cassadine’s (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) girlfriend and accomplice.

Is Sasha on GH really pregnant?

“So happy and excited to finally share this (almost ready to pop) bump with everyone!! Kept it a secret for a while to not spoil anything for GH viewers, but now that miss Sasha Gilmore’s pregnancy is in full force I can finally share that I’m so grateful to be sharing this pregnancy journey with her!”

What soap opera has the most seasons?

Not only is Guiding Light the longest-running soap, at more than 15,000 episodes (and still going), it is also the longest-running non-news program in U.S. television history. Like many of the oldest soaps, Guiding Light began in 1937 as a radio program before making the transition to television on June 30, 1952.

What is the world’s longest running soap opera?

Coronation Street (1960-present) Having premiered in December 1960 and still airing to this day, Coronation Street holds the Guinness World Record for longest running soap opera, clocking up 61 years on British TV screens this December.

What is the longest anime of all time?

Adapted from the manga of the same name, Sazae-san is by far the longest-running anime series of all time, with over 2500 episodes to date. Beginning in 1969, Sazae-san remains on the air each Sunday evening to this day. The show follows Sazae Fuguta and her family.

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Who is leaving GH in 2020?

Arch villain Peter August, played by actor Wes Ramsey, is officially gone from his long-running role on General Hospital.

Did Carly on General Hospital have a baby in real life?

When her GENERAL HOSPITAL alter ego of Carly Corinthos became pregnant on the soap, some fans naturally began to wonder if actress Laura Wright was pregnant in real life. But she took to social media to inform them that her baby bump is completely 100% fictional! Only Carly!

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