Quick Answer: How Long Is The Phantom Of The Opera Movie?

Was The Phantom of the Opera movie successful?

GOOD: The Phantom of the Opera (1925) There was actually another silent adaptation of Phantom that was filmed before Universal’s, but as with the depressing majority of silent cinema from that era, it has been lost to time. However, this film remains a landmark of the medium.

Which is the best Phantom of the Opera movie?

Every Phantom of the Opera Film Ranked, According to Critics

  • Honorable Mention: The Phantom of the Opera (1962)
  • 5) The Phantom of the Opera (2004) – Average Score: 36.5.
  • 3) The Phantom of the Opera (1943) – Average Score: 69.5.

Will there be a Phantom of the Opera 2 movie?

Love Never Dies is a romantic musical with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, lyrics by Glenn Slater with additional lyrics by Charles Hart, and book by Lloyd Webber and Ben Elton, with additional material by Slater and Frederick Forsyth. It is a sequel to Lloyd Webber’s long-running musical The Phantom of the Opera.

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Why does the Phantom live underneath the opera house?

As in “The Phantom of the Opera,” there is an underground lake below the opera house. The architect Charles Garnier first discovered that the ground beneath the area was moist and water-rich, and took advantage of the situation and built a concrete water cellar to resist the pressure of water seepage.

Who is the Lantern Man in Phantom of the Opera?

At approximately 22:30, a man (we’ll call him Note Man ) appears with a note for Christine. Note Man appears shortly after that entering the box where the two opera managers are sitting and bringing them a note. He appears much later in the mob at the climax, when the Phantom is being subdued by a mob.

Did Christine and the Phantom sleep together?

Yes, I believe Christine and the Phantom were having sex. It is very much implied. And in the sequel, she even has the Phantom’s child.

Did the cast of Phantom of the Opera actually sing?

All of the principal actors sang in the film except for Minnie Driver. Most of the actors have a background in musicals or opera, but Driver (a skilled singer) had no experience in opera and was dubbed by Margaret Preece, a singing teacher from Solihull, UK.

Who is the best Phantom?

Michael Crawford In 1991, 1,300 performances and three and a half years later, Michael Crawford left The Phantom of the Opera. He will always be known by fans of the musical as the original and best Phantom.

Is Phantom of the Opera on Netflix 2020?

Sorry, The Phantom of the Opera is not available on American Netflix, but you can unlock it right now in the USA and start watching! With a few simple steps you can change your Netflix region to a country like Japan and start watching Japanese Netflix, which includes The Phantom of the Opera.

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What was wrong with The Phantom of the Opera?

Several movies based on the novel vary the deformities. In Universal’s 1943 adaptation, he is disfigured when the publisher’s assistant throws etching acid in his face. In Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical adaptation, only half of Erik’s face is deformed (thus the famous half-mask often associated with Erik’s appearance.)

Why Phantom of the Opera is the best?

The Phantom of the Opera is a classic, musical romance film popular because of its emphasis on love, constant entertainment, and powerfully touching music. Love equals power in this case. Everyone knows what it feels like to give and receive love, as well as to not be loved and not give love.

Is Meg Giry the Phantom’s daughter?

Meg Giry is one of the fictional characters from Gaston Leroux’s novel The Phantom of the Opera. In the story she is Madame Giry’s only daughter.

How much older is the Phantom than Christine?

In the same regard, due to the Phantom’s childhood connection with Madame Giry, it’s also safe to say that the Phantom is at least 15-20 years older than Christine. So to recap, a 30-40-year-old man has been preying upon a 15-20-year-old girl, kidnaps her and reveals a twisted scenario of secretly marrying her.

Why did love never dies fail?

A fresh production of the show opened in Melbourne, Australia, at the end of May with far more positive press. In an interview earlier this month, Lord Lloyd-Webber attributed the show’s failure to being treated for cancer during production, which meant he was unable to give it his full attention.

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