Readers ask: How Many Profile Types Are Contained Within Opera?

How many communication types can be attached to an individual profile in opera?

How many communication types can be attached to an individual profile? How many profile types are contained within OPERA? You have a limit of attaching only 4 phone numbers to an individual profile. All company profile information is saved and stored within Opera.

How many profile types are there in Opera PMS?

Over 25 default profile data fields. In addition, profiles can be customized to collect other kinds of information the property requires. Profiles are global — they are shared among properties when the OPP MHOT Multi-property add-on license is active.

Which of the following does the walk in function accomplish?

Walk In. The Walk In feature allows you to check in guests without having previously made reservations.

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What opera functionality can be used to pass along internal information between shifts?

The Log Book function is available when the GENERAL > LOG BOOK application function is set to Y. For example, the log book can be used to record “FYI” details and advisories for pass-along between shifts.

Which function would you select to see a summary of stay statistics for an individual profile?

The Stats & Info screen offers a concise summary of stay and revenue statistics for the current profile. To access this screen, select the Stats & Info tab from the Profile screen. This summary is available when the Profile>Statistics application function is set to Y.

What does no post mean in opera?

Some of these features may also be controlled from other points within OPERA. For example, the No Post check box may also appear on the Reservation screen More Fields tab. The following options may be set using this screen. No Post. Select this check box to prevent automatic interface posting to this folio.

What is a rate query reservation?

This option lets you see at a glance which rates are available for each room type on any given arrival date, departure date and number of persons. The rate query is like a mini-reservation. You enter the arrival date, number of nights, departure date, number of adults (per room) and number of rooms.

How do you check out a guest?

Checkout Procedures in Front Office Management

  1. Arrange Paperwork. The evening before, review all your guests who are due to check out and arrange all their files together.
  2. Greet the Customer.
  3. Ask About the Stay.
  4. Review Bill With Guest.
  5. Process Payment.
  6. Ask About Other Services.
  7. Thank the Customer.
  8. Report Back.
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What symbol indicates that there is a negotiated rate attached to that profile?

If the profile has negotiated rates, a dollar sign appears in the $ column on the Profile Search screen entry for that profile. Two dollar signs means that the profile has two or more negotiated rates.

What is the difference of reservation and walk in?

A Guest who arrives at a hotel without a reservation is called as ‘Walk in’. Hotels have no obligations to accommodate guests who arrive without reservation when no rooms are available for the night.

Which housekeeping discrepancy applies when the housekeeping status is occupied but the front desk status is vacant?

Possible room discrepancies. Sleep is displayed in the Discrepancy column if the Housekeeping status is occupied and the Front Office status indicates that the room should be vacant.

How do I refund a guest on Opera PMS?

Refunding Deposits

  1. From the chosen reservation or PM account, select ‘Options’
  2. Select Deposit/CXL.
  3. You can also select the red deposit/cxl bar from the bottom left of the reservation screen.
  4. From the deposit/cxl screen, you will see all collected deposits and deposit rules.
  5. Enter the amount you wish to refund.

How do you make an out of order room in opera?

The Out of Order/Service option is also available via Sales & Catering > Miscellaneous > Out of Order/Service when the OPS_ OPERA Sales & Catering license is active. The Out of Order/Service option lets you take the room out of order or out of service and enter a reason for doing so.

How do I make reservations in opera?

Select Reservations > New Reservation from the main menu. The Property Calendar screen appears. From the Property Calendar select the start date for the stay, hold down the Alt key and select the departure date for the stay. Select OK.

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