Readers ask: Opera Singer Who Had Brain Tumour?

What is wrong with Russell Watson?

Russell was diagnosed with two pituitary adenomas – tumours that form in the pituitary gland, which is found towards the base of the brain and controls other glands within the body, in turn affecting the body’s functions. The first tumour was benign and not life-threatening.

Where is Russell Watson from?

Russell Watson recently opened up to his fellow campmates on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! about his battle with two brain tumours. The tenor, who has performed for both the Queen and Emperor Hirohito of Japan at the Imperial Palace, even revealed he was close to death before receiving surgery.

Has Russell Watson got a brain tumour?

Fourteen years ago, in 2006, Watson was diagnosed with a brain tumour. After being successfully treated, he was diagnosed with a second tumour the following year due to a sudden regrowth that led to bleeding in his brain.

How rich is Russell Watson?

Russell Watson reportedly has a total net worth of £4million.

Has Russell Watson had singing lessons?

Although Watson had been singing since he was a child, he never sought a career as a professional singer. He attended Irlam Endowed Primary School and Irlam and Cadishead High School which he left with no GCEs.

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Did Russell Watson win The Voice?

The Voice also won Russell his first two Classical Brit awards, for Best Debut Album and Album Of The Year. The following year Russell’s second studio album, Encore, outsold The Voice and won him two more Classical Brit awards.

Did Russell Watson perform for the Pope?

He went on to perform for the queen, Pope John Paul II, then US president Bill Clinton, the emperor of Japan, the king of Malaysia and win four classical Brit Awards before overcoming life-threatening illness – twice. It was while making his fifth album in 2006 that Watson was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Which football team does Russell Watson support?

manchester united’s 12 player Russell, a life-long Manchester United fan and season-ticket holder, thought his dreams had come true however, it is alledged, that on the very last minute, Eric insisted that Mick Hucknall sing “Holding Back the Years” instead.

How many brain tumors did Russell Watson?

The tenor, 53, is best known for his career as a singer songwriter, a career that nearly came to an end when he was diagnosed with two brain tumours. 13 years after recovery and rehabilitation for his voice, we take a look at Russell’s brave brain tumour battle.

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