Readers ask: What Is The Best Soap Opera Of All Time?

What is the number 1 soap opera?

One constant: The Young and the Restless has been the most-watched soap every week since, a streak that now stretches to an incredible 1,560 consecutive weeks — exactly 30 years.

Which is the best soap opera?

Soap operas have been around for a long time on TV and some of the greatest are from the past decade. 10 Best Modern Soap Operas, Ranked According To IMDb

  1. 1 Devious Maids (2013-2016) – 7.8/10.
  2. 2 Scandal (2012-2018) – 7.7/10.
  3. 3 Nashville (2012-2018) – 7.7/10.
  4. 4 Grey’s Anatomy (2005-) – 7.6/10.

What is the longest lasting soap opera?

In the end, the characters on television’s longest-running soap opera lived happily ever after. The US show Guiding Light aired its final episode today, 72 years and more than 15,000 episodes after its first broadcast as a CBS radio programme in 1937.

Who is the richest soap opera star?

In 2019, the wealthiest daytime soap stars had net worths ranging from $8 million to a whopping $200 million, according to Fame10. Finola Hughes from General Hospital and Stephen Nichols from Days of Our Lives hit the $8 million net worth mark.

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Which soap opera is ending?

Days Of Our Lives is NBC’s only remaining daytime soap. The network last canceled a soap back in 2007, when Passions got the ax after eight years. Running since 1965, it is the network’s third-oldest shows after Meet the Press (which began in 1947) and Today (1952).

How much do soap opera stars get paid?

The salaries of Soap Opera Actors in the US range from $10,841 to $294,666, with a median salary of $52,946. The middle 57% of Soap Opera Actors makes between $52,946 and $133,501, with the top 86% making $294,666.

What does soap opera stand for?

Soap opera, broadcast dramatic serial program, so called in the United States because most of its major sponsors for many years were manufacturers of soap and detergents.

What is the most popular TV soap?

Coronation Street is currently the most watched soap on TV, and it’s way ahead of its rivals. The ITV soap attracted an average audience of 8 million in the latest week of official ratings.

What is the oldest show still running on TV?

With a whopping 69 years of runtime, “Meet the Press” takes the cake for being the longest-running television show in not just American television history, but global television history as well.

What is the longest running TV series in the world?

What is the world’s longest running TV show? The longest running tv show in the world is Guiding Light. With the show first starting on the radio, Guiding Light has been on for 72 years. This is between radio and television.

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Who’s the highest paid actor on General Hospital?

The ‘General Hospital’ cast members that make the most money have been on the show for a while. The stars of General Hospital who make the most have also been on the show for the longest time. According to Fame10, one of the top earners on GH is Finola Hughes, who has a net worth of $8 million.

Who is the highest paid actor on Bold and Beautiful?

John McCook, who plays Eric Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful, is a star with one of the highest net worths. According to TVOverMind, he’s worth about $6 million. McCook has never made his salary a matter of public record.

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