How To Get To The Globe Theatre?

Where is the main entrance to the Globe Theatre?

The main entrance to Shakespeare’s Globe on New Globe Walk, or, The Groundling Gates on Bankside (opposite the river, the same entrance for the Globe Theatre Guided Tour).

What is the nearest tube station to the Globe?

NEAREST TUBE/RAIL STATION: Blackfriars/ Mansion House (10 minute walk). London Bridge / Southwark/ Central Line (15 minute walk).

How much does it cost to visit the globe Theatre?

The most expensive seats would have been in the ‘Lord’s Rooms’. Admission to the indoor theatres started at 6 pence. One penny was only the price of a loaf of bread.

Can you go inside the globe Theatre?

Discover Shakespeare’s iconic open-air theatre, here in the heart of London. We are an open-air theatre and tours go ahead in all conditions so dress for the weather!

Is there a dress code for Globe Theatre?

There is no dress code for Globe Theatre. Our shows are just as fantastic in jeans or a ball gown. Come as you are and enjoy the show!

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How many layers does the Globe Theatre have?

The Globe had a raised stage at one end and was surrounded by three tiers of roofed galleries with balconies overlooking the back of the stage.

What road is the Globe Theatre on?

Southwark Bridge Road (BL) is 337 meters away, 5 min walk. London Bridge is 536 meters away, 8 min walk. Southwark Street is 559 meters away, 8 min walk. Mansion House is 744 meters away, 10 min walk.

What happened to the Globe Theatre?

Disaster struck the Globe in 1613. On 29 June, at a performance of Shakespeare’s Henry VIII, some small cannons were fired. They didn’t use cannon balls, but they did use gunpowder held down by wadding. A piece of burning wadding set fire to the thatch.

Who were the Groundlings in Shakespeare’s Globe?

Elizabethan general public or people who were not nobility were referred to as groundlings. They would pay one penny to stand in the Pit of the Globe Theater (Howard 75). The upper class spectators would pay to sit in the galleries often using cushions for comfort.

Is the globe Theatre worth visiting?

Experiencing Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre is one of the best ways to immerse yourself fully in the incredible range of culture and arts that exists in London. The fact that a Shakespearean theater has been in London since 1599 means it’s been a part of the thread of the city for centuries.

What were the cheapest seats in the Globe Theatre called?

Globe Theatre Interior – the Pit or Yard There was no seating – the cheapest part of the Globe Theater and the audience had to stand. The stage structure projected halfway into the ‘ yard ‘ where the commoners (groundlings) paid 1 penny to stand to watch the play.

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How long does the Globe Theatre tour take?

The tour last around 40 minutes.

Is the Globe Theatre free?

While London’s famed wooden O remains closed to the public, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre has gone digital, allowing audiences around the world to stream the Bard’s iconic works for free.

Is the Globe Theater still used today?

Although the original Globe Theatre was lost to fire, today a modern version sits on the south bank of the River Thames. Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre is now a huge complex holding a reconstructed original outdoor theatre, a winter theatre, a museum, and an education centre.

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