Often asked: What Is Descriptive Theatre Service?

What is descriptive audio service?

“Descriptive audio” means that your video has additional audio content that describes aspects of the video that are purely visual and not accessible to blind or visually-impaired people. Usually, there’s a second audio track that contains the description. If you’re providing a transcript of your video – and you should!

What is audio description in Theatre?

Audio description is a live commentary interspersed with the actors’ dialogue. This is relayed via a headset linked to the infra-red audio system. There is a short ‘programme notes’ session, before the production, which explains the atmosphere, costumes, characters and action.

What does audio description mean at AMC?

Audio Description. AMC is pleased to offer audio description services to help its blind and low-vision guests enjoy the movies. Audio description, sometimes called descriptive narration, provides guests with a verbal narration of key visual aspects of movies through a wireless receiver and headphones.

What is a descriptive film?

Descriptive movies describe the visual elements of a movie, narrating the action, characters, locations, and costumes without interfering with the dialogue or other sound elements.

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How do I turn off descriptive audio?

From your device’s home screen, tap Settings. From the left, tap Accessibility. Tap Audio Descriptions. Make sure the Audio Descriptions setting is switched off.

What is the purpose of audio description?

Description of visual information is called audio description, video description, or described video in different areas. Description provides content to people who are blind and others who cannot see the video adequately.

What is a captioned performance at the Theatre?

Captioned performances have text on screens at the front of the auditorium so that deaf and hard of hearing, or anyone that would like to read along, can also enjoy the performance.

What does a signed performance mean?

What is a signed performance? Signed performances are aimed at people who are Deaf or Hearing Impaired. Trained describers, usually standing to one side of the stage or in a Box, interpret the script and language used by the performers at the same time it is being performed.

Does Netflix have audio description?

Audio Description is an optional narration that describes what is happening on screen, including physical actions, facial expressions, costumes, settings, and scene changes. It is available for most Netflix original titles and many other TV shows and movies. See titles available with Audio Description.

How do I turn off audio description on my Samsung TV?

Go to Menu > Sound or Sound Mode > Broadcast option and select Audio Language. If Audio Description is enabled on your Samsung TV, you’ll notice that English AD (Audio Description) is selected. Change to “English” only to turn off Audio Description.

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How do you do audio description?

How To Describe

  1. Write simply, clearly and concisely so that the description is easy to comprehend.
  2. Use descriptive, accurate and appropriate language.
  3. Use complete sentences wherever possible, unless simply identifying a character.
  4. Match your vocabulary to the content.
  5. Avoid technical terms unless absolutely necessary.

What does a CaptiView system do?

CaptiView is a closed captioning viewing system, created by Doremi Cinema. The system consists of a small captioning display unit with a flexible support arm that fits into the theatre seat’s cup holder. The easy-to-read display comes with a privacy visor so other guests cannot see the captions.

What is descriptive narration?

Descriptive Video Service (DVS) is a national service that makes television programs, movies and other visual media accessible to people who are blind or visually impaired. The narration describes visual elements such as actions, settings, body language and graphics.

How would you describe a movie Theatre?

A movie theater or movie theatre, is a place where movies are shown on a big screen. The movie is projected with a movie projector onto a large projection screen at the front of the auditorium while the dialogue, sounds and music are played through a number of wall-mounted speakers.

What is narration and description?

Descriptive text adds the details that help you visualize the characters and events in your mind’s eye. It — quite literally — describes a person, place, or thing. Narration is the act of giving an account. The narrator is the person or entity within a story that tells the story to the reader.

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