Often asked: What Is Theatre Etiquette?

What are some examples of theater etiquette?

Theater Etiquette

  • Turn Off Your Cell Phone.
  • Don’t Send Text Messages During the Show.
  • There is no photography or videoing allowed in the theater.
  • Eat Your Dinner Before the Show, Not DURING It.
  • If You Have To Cough, Cover Your Mouth.
  • Unwrap Cough Drops and Candies in Advance.
  • Don’t Be A Disruptive Miss (or Mr.)

What is stage etiquette?

Stage Etiquette ( accepted behavior during the auditions, rehearsal, and run of a production ) is one of those great topics for Theatre professionals that is nearly never actually discussed. The rules are just ‘there’ – people are often expected to just know them unless you’re early on in your career.

What is rehearsal etiquette in Theatre?

Quiet: Keep the noise down during rehearsals and when you are backstage. Avoid all talking and/or whispering while others are working. Respect that some actors have to intensely focus on their lines and character during rehearsal and performance and do not need to be distracted.

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What are the rules of Theatre etiquette?

Do not eat or drink backstage. Refrain from talking backstage except for show related business. Do not talk to actors except for show related business – it may break their concentration. Do not chat while on headset and turn off your mic when not talking.

What are 5 rules of audience etiquette?

Audience Etiquette

  • No talking, unless audience participation is requested by the performers. If something must be said, whisper it quickly.
  • Use good posture.
  • Remove hats.
  • Noises off.
  • Lights out.
  • Snap, crackle, pop.
  • Control coughing.
  • Avoid other sounds that can disturb the people around you and the performers.

What should you not do in Theatre?

10 things not to do in the theatre

  • Don’t leave your ringtone on.
  • Don’t text or tweet.
  • Don’t eat (food or each other) Here’s where the article covers snogging. Another pont ti make here. crinkly bags.
  • Don’t panic.
  • Don’t sigh.
  • Don’t be tall. If you’re too tall, slouch.
  • Don’t laugh.
  • Don’t talk.

What are the 9 stage directions?

Stage directions include center stage, stage right, stage left, upstage, and downstage. These guide the actors to one of the nine sections of the stage named after the center and four directions. Corners are referred to as up right, down right, up left, and down left.

What is backstage etiquette?

Speak softly in backstage areas. Sound travels easily to the “house” where audience members are seated. Bring something to do quietly during any downtime before or during the show. Be respectful of the way others get ready for a show and give fellow performers space or quiet if they need it.

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What are stage positions?

Stage directions or stage positions Upstage: The area of the stage furthest from the audience. Downstage: The area of the stage closest to the audience. Stage Left: The area of the stage to the performer’s left, when facing downstage (i.e. towards the audience).

What do you wear to a theater rehearsal?

Come dressed for success. Think about what you’ll be doing onstage — for example, if you’re doing stage combat, I find close-fitting, yet stretchy clothes are good to wear, so you don’t get your weapons or yourself tangled in your clothes. Appropriate footwear is a must — athletic shoes or dance shoes.

What do actors do before a performance?

Before a class, rehearsal or performance, it’s good to take a few moments to prepare. Your aim is to stretch, release any tension, and focus your attention outward to anything the other actors or the scene may throw at you. The last thing you want is to be looking inward and judging your own performance.

What is proper concert etiquette for the audience?

o A Always remain quiet during a performance. o B – Be attentive and give the performers your attention. o C – Be Considerate of others. o D – Do not leave early, please. o E – Exit in an organized fashion. o F – Expect a Fantastic performance; the kids have worked very hard. o G – Give appropriate applause. o H – Have

What are common rules at movie theaters?

9 Rules for the Movie Theater

  • Silence/Dim/Turn Off Your Phone. This should be simple, but it is apparently not.
  • Turn Off Your Smart Watch!
  • No Talking.
  • Clean Up Your Trash.
  • Speaking Of Candy Wrappers…
  • Keep The Bathroom Trips To A Minimum.
  • Don’t Be Too Comfortable.
  • Do Not Bring Your Toddler At Night.
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What is an audience etiquette?

As cited in the Ontario Arts Curriculum 1-8 Glossary (2009), audience etiquette “ is the acceptable audience behaviour for a dance or drama performance”.

What is the proper decorum in Theatre?

Decorum (from the Latin: “right, proper”) was a principle of classical rhetoric, poetry and theatrical theory concerning the fitness or otherwise of a style to a theatrical subject. The concept of decorum is also applied to prescribed limits of appropriate social behavior within set situations.

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