Quick Answer: Where Is Ed Mirvish Theatre?

What happened to the Pantages Theatre in Toronto?

With the collapse of the Pantages circuit, the Pantages name came off the marquees of almost all the theatres. In 1930 the Toronto Pantages was renamed the Imperial, and became exclusively a cinema – no more live vaudeville.

When did Ed’s Warehouse close?

Ed’s Restaurant Empire Ed’s Warehouse closed in the late 1990’s while Old’s Ed’s, the last of Ed’s remaining restaurants, closed in 2000. The Reid Building received heritage status in 1984.

What did Ed Mirvish do?

Mirvish was renowned for his publicity stunts, doing everything from riding elephants, to hiring protesters to picket his own restaurant over its dress code. Every Christmas, Mirvish gave away ten thousand pounds of free turkeys in his store to shoppers who stood in line for hours.

Is Ed Mirvish alive?

There are 187 professional theatre, dance and opera companies, 62 venues and 38,269 seats, not including outdoor venues, smaller theatres (399 seats or less) and comedy clubs.

Who owned Honest Ed’s?

project is $350 million. Real estate developer Westbank Corp. bought the Honest Ed’s land from the Mirvish family in 2013.

How much did Honest Ed’s sell for?

Sale of property, closure, and redevelopment On 16 July 2013, it was announced the site of Honest Ed’s was for sale for $100 million, and the store was likely to be closed and replaced with a retail and residential building.

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