Readers ask: What Is The Cineplex Vip Theatre?

What is the difference between Cineplex VIP and regular?

VIP Cinemas really give you an “upgraded” experience different from AVX or the regular movies. It’s not just about the movie, but the quality and service. It will cost you $13.99 on a Tuesday ( $19.50 normally) compared to the usual $6.99 for a regular movie on Tuesday.

What is the difference between Imax and VIP?

Cinemas with the misfortune of sporting a small IMAX screen offer a similar experience to UltraAVX. The main advantages of VIP theatres are the smaller audiences and in-seat dining. VIP theatres only seat about 30 people and feature an in-seat dining service (including alcohol), priced à la carte.

What is a scene VIP movie?

VIP is the ultimate movie going experience for adults. VIP offers: Licensed Lounge. Comfy reserved seating.

How old do you have to be to go to VIP Cineplex?

In order to experience Cineplex VIP Cinemas guests must be 19+ in all provinces (18+ in Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec) with photo ID required for entry.

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Are D-Box seats worth it?

So is D-Box worth it? It depends. If you don’t like rides or are prone to motion sickness, the D-Box experience might not be for you — especially if you watch an action-packed movie. If you enjoy a day at the amusement park, you might like the D-Box experience.

Which is better 4DX or D-Box?

Created by the South Korean company CJ Group, 4DX aims to add another dimension to theaters with moving seats, strobing lights and weather effects, such as water, wind and fog. There are also a few competing standards: MediaMation’s MX4D offers all of the same features as 4DX, while D-Box focuses more on moving seats.

Why is IMAX so expensive?

Because 70mm film and projectors are costly and difficult to mass produce, and because the size of auditoriums that house full-size IMAX screens make them expensive to construct, IMAX debuted a digital projection system in 2008 to use with shorter 1.90:1 aspect ratio screens.

Does IMAX need glasses?

Thanks to the fact that many IMAX theaters use different 3D technology than regular theaters in order to accommodate their concave screens, they also use different glasses. For hardcore movie buffs who wear glasses, there’s only one way to go: your own prescription 3D glasses.

Is D-BOX the same as 4d?

It’s basically a high-tech chair that rumbles and vibrates and pitches around in synch with the action. You could describe the D-BOX experience as a slightly less dynamic cousin of the 4DX experience, a South Korean-developed system that augments the vibration and movement with atmospheric effects.

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How do I convert SCENE points to cash?

Here’s how:

  1. Select whether you’d like to convert Scotia Rewards points or SCENE points.
  2. Validate your SCENE membership card and select an eligible Scotiabank Program Card.
  3. Enter the amount of points you’d like to convert.
  4. Review and confirm your points conversion.

Can you use SCENE points for popcorn?

One Night Out = 1 general admission, 1 regular soft drink, 1 regular popcorn = 100 points.

How do you get SCENE points fast?

With a SCENE® debit card earn SCENE points faster! Show your SCENE card at The Rec Room and earn 1 SCENE point for every $1 you spend. Use your SCENE card to earn or redeem points within 90 days of joining the program and you’ll earn 250 bonus SCENE points!

How much are VIP tickets?

Almost all music festivals now have “VIP” and “Platinum” tickets that go for twice the amount of a standard ticket, an upwards of a $1,000 per person or more.

What is VIP Atmos?

RealD is an innovator and licensor of stereoscopic (3D) and other visual technologies for use in the cinema. Cinema closed-captioning uses personal devices to display captioning for a film’s dialogue and sound effects for our hearing-impaired guests on all eligible titles.

What is D-BOX cineplex?

D-BOX is a seating concept that adds motion right in your seat! Moviegoers will be immersed in an unmatched, hyper-realistic entertainment experience that moves the body and sparks the imagination through motion.

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