Readers ask: Where Is Winter Garden Theatre?

When did Winter Garden theater open?

The building was originally built by William Kissam Vanderbilt in 1896 as the American Horse Exchange. However, the Shuberts had it redesigned by William Albert Swasey as a theatre, which officially opened on 10th March 1911 as The Winter Garden Theatre.

Where is the Garden Theater?

The Garden Theatre was a major theatre on Madison Avenue and 27th Street in New York City, New York. The theatre opened on September 27, 1890, and closed in 1925.

How old is the Winter Garden Theatre?

110 1911. Winter Garden Theatre /: How old is the Winter Garden Theatre? What shows have been at the Winter Garden theatre? Winter Garden Theatre

  • The Music Man. Feb 10, 2022 –
  • Beetlejuice. Apr 25, 2019 – Mar 10, 2020.
  • School of Rock – The Musical. Dec 06, 2015 – Jan 20, 2019.
  • Wolf Hall Parts One & Two. Apr 09, 2015 – Jul 05, 2015.
  • Rocky. Mar 13, 2014 – Aug 17, 2014.
  • Mamma Mia! Jan 01, 2007 – Oct 19, 2013.

How did the winter garden theatre get its name?

In 1911 the Shuberts leased the building and architect William Albert Swasey redesigned the building as a theatre. The fourth New York City venue to be christened the Winter Garden, it opened on March 10, 1911, with the early Jerome Kern musical La Belle Paree. He played the Winter Garden many times after that.

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How many seats are in the Winter Garden Theater?

Official London Theatre is London’s equivalent of, bringing theatre fans around the world all the latest news from the glittering West End.

What is the seating capacity in the Gershwin Theater have?

Designed by Ralph Alswang, the Gershwin has a seating capacity of 1,933, making it the largest Broadway theatre. At the 1983 Tony Awards, the theatre was renamed the George Gershwin in honor of the composer.

Who owns the Garden Theater Detroit?

The Garden Theater is proudly black owned and family operated by Michael Byrd and George Stewart. We welcome you to come in and tour one of Midtown Detroit’s best kept secrets.

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